This is an amazing video I just watched on the TED site. Really good stuff; he is a psychologist, a positive thinking psychologist. He gives a few important examples of why positive thinking is imperative to life today...if you want an incredible life that is! Check it out!

I just watched this video, seems pretty cool! I like the way she talks about Post Traumatic Growth instead of Stress Disorder. These things she encourages us to do, even if they don't give us a longer life, sure would make the world a better place to live in. Enjoy!

This is a new video I just saw and loved the thought of it. Again someone is making a difference in the world by doing something they love. I really admire what this could open up for the world in terms of realizing we are all connected....

This is great! Listen not to the immigrant portion of the message if you don't like it; make sure you don't let the real nuggets of value pass you by on this one. Simple rules to live by, your beliefs drive your life by controlling your behaviors. This is the key, take responsibility for your beliefs! It is an inquiry; what is the belief system I have and don't even know it? Start there, you might be surprised what you find! Then look at the video right below this one, it gives you tools to make a psychic transformation in your life that make you unstoppable.