Ok, still working on this frequent post thing….

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 7:58:54 AM

So I will be brief. Life is great, and believe me I love living it to the fullest. Sometimes it just gives you stuff you think you don’t really need. Leslie, my fiancee, makes twice what I do and we depend on her income; that being said, she was laid off Thursday before last. We are trying to see what we need to do to make it through this….well I know we will make it through it! Come on! It’s not like anyone will die over this, that makes it an irrational fear. No risk of loss of life or limb and you have an inauthentic fear on your hands. I just wanted everyone to know that we are okay and working to make some long needed adjustments to our life……everyone needs to know what is at the 99 cent store at some point in their life!!!!

This too shall pass……….I forget who said that besides everyone I know in the program. Anyways, I wander. Thanks to anyone who felt or feels like sending something to us so we can have a better wedding in Maui. I really appreciate it from the deepest part of my soul you would reach into your pocket to help ours. You all rock! To all the people sending positive waves our way, I feel them and thank you for your contribution to our lives as well. You all rock!

Man, I love life…..whatever it has to offer. and now it’s time for a final thought….

“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” Frank Scully