Theoretical Physics - Huh?

Post date: May 2, 2015 5:52:14 AM

I have done a little, well, more than just a little delving into the world of physics from both an empirical and a theoretical perspective. I have come to the conclusion we are not really meant to know; know what? Know, for sure THE true and real nature of everything. One major issue the physics world deals with is the true lack of a "unifying theory". Einstein's theory of relativity works well for very large objects, however when applied to small particle level objects the theory falls apart. This is at the point where another major name in Physics takes over, Bohr. Niels Bohr, essentially is the father of quantum mechanics and quantum theory as we know it. Quantum theory deals with the world on a much, much smaller level. A level at which the "normal" laws of physics cease to have any governance over the actions of matter and/or energy. The seemingly only theory able to unify the large world with the small is String Theory, and this is imperfect at best...and complete conjecture at worst.

Here is my take on it, really. We as human beings are much too limited to really see any great cosmic truth of the uni, or multiverse. Limitations we cannot even perceive will lead us into the pit of confirmation bias blind despair. As participants in the universe, we are not able to fully understand that which we are surrounded by, and even comprised of! Any theory regarding the origin, direction, governance, or demise of our fishbowl will be fraught with the short-sightedness of our own inescapability of that which we would attempt to define. From gravity, to relativity and proceeding into Quantum menagerie we have been willful victims succumbing to the pursuit of the unattainable resolution---infinite comprehension. Finite beings as we are, we struggle to fill the ever-widening gap between what we seek, and what we know; or think we know to be true. At every step we are met with confirmation bias in theory's clothing, causing momentary elation to again erode into hapless speculation.

Alas, it is not for me to determine the worthiness of another's pursuit, therefore I only submit my pontifications into the ether. For I and my grand opinions, like every single thing any of us has ever known will eventually become merely detritus of a world we were never meant to grasp.