Well, Another Birthday Down...

Post date: Aug 8, 2013 3:01:13 PM

Here we are, another year in the books...from my perspective at least. I am really at a crossroads now, as I usually am. Not some huge, life-changing decision point, don't worry. Really, every day you wake up can be a point of great and significant choices that must be made, and it doesn't have to be significant at all. It is sometimes difficult to manage how much significance I put on the choices I face in life.

I think the one that haunts me the most is which freeway to take into the office. I tell you, I have vacillated between two or three freeways ever since we moved into offices. I'm sure this might seem humorous to some people reading this, and it might be, AND this is a huge choice! Believe it or not, this choice might have a greater impact on my experience of life than hundreds of others I make on a minute by minute basis. The moral of the story is, I choose not only the choice but also how much the choice impacts my life. The "significance" or "weight" of any choice is up to me; as long as I remember this fact I am doing well. No more agonizing over what to do and most of all not agonizing over what I have already done!!!! Freedom, this is what I look for in life...and it is up to me to live it.