An Ode to Parents...especially the single ones

Post date: Apr 25, 2015 5:06:24 AM

For the last month, I have been a single parent of two kids with no relief and no breaks. I know, big many people do this every day, for years with no real recognition; thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions...maybe. I am in such awe of you and your commitment to life. Seriously, my wife has been in another city for only a Month now and I am crazzled beyond belief. Trying to juggle work, home, kids, and life in general has been humbling. It is done out of love and with such affection for my children, and this sometimes barely kept me together. Again, I have to say on behalf of the rest of the world that will never know what you deal with, all of the single parents out there, scraping by or soaring amongst upper middle class, thank you. From the children who may never tell you only because they don't get it either...thank you. YOU are appreciated, by everyone.