Been a while...

Post date: Nov 23, 2011 3:11:25 AM

I haven't been here for a while and I wanted to make sure all of my fans get something out of this so, here I am!!! All of my fans being the 3 people, including me that read this. We thank you! Writing to this site has fallen by the wayside for me due to me not being in action about what my true life purpose is...telling my story to anyone that will listen. I have a job I am very passionate about and I have let it take way too much of my time away from other obligations. I am now working toward being in action on all fronts, not just the work one. To this end I am bringing up a quick story about gratitude.

I remembered the other day seeing my friend Lisa in the grocery store. I was there grabbing some last minute cupcakes before a party I was attending and this was the first time I had seen her in a quite a while. Lisa is a neighbor of mine from 3 or 5 houses ago, my grandparents' house I ended up losing. She is a very nice lady who loves life! She is a season ticket holder to the Chargers and vigorously attends every game, both the tailgate and the actual game. She takes at least a month off from work every year and goes to Hawaii to have a great time, relax, and look for a full-time cabana boy. She is a great example of someone that looks at life in a way that really works, positive and fun!

We were in line and she was asking me how I was doing since surgery and everything else I had been going through, when I answered "fine" a look of relief came over her face. She then turned a little sullen and informed me she was about to go to a funeral, a funeral of her friend that found out he had a brain tumor about the same time I did. She was sad, relieved, and sympathetic all at the same time. She let me know she didn't want to be a downer, and she wasn't....I sometimes need reminders of how really lucky I am. Sometimes we all do. It was that day, looking back on it, I was re-committed to not letting this or any other thing get me down. Every day above ground is a good one. This is an important thing to bring to the surface of my life, and sometimes really difficult. Thank you to Lisa for reminding me about what life is really about, and thanks to her friend who I never met and he touched my life forever.