Man! Why is everyone in such a hurry?

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 8:03:38 AM

I went to Costco today….wow, if ever you were looking for what is wrong with society as a whole just go to a wholesale warehouse on the weekend. I was almost run over by about 18 people pushing carts way too fast in the aisles and smiling the whole way! I was not sure what they were smiling about, it seemed they just did it like a reflex reaction to seeing someone actually look at them in the eye. It made me wonder if anyone looks at other people anymore, I mean look them in the eye for more than just a passing glance and at what point do you acknowledge the other person is looking at you. Is there any connection? Is there relatedness? Can we not stop and see what life is like for them or do we not make any time to wonder about that anyways…..maybe we just need to race to beat the next guy to the Waldorf Salad sample and in winning not notice what we lose. At what point will it be so much where the little old lady is run over by her daughter because she is moving too slow. She sacrifices all of what her mom has learned in life and would love to pass on if only her daughter could slow down enough to hear it for a minute. I look at Costco today as something to learn from, not sure if I will carry it with me always or not; let me be the first one to say I drive too fast, talk to short, and don’t stay long enough. I don’t write this to chastise and not accept accountability. I really want to hopefully say “slow down!” and have someone listen. What is the one thing you did for someone else today? How ’bout this week? Slow down………life moves fast enough by itself.

Here are two commercials that I like to watch….thanks Liberty Mutual.

Thought of the day:

“There are too many people, and too few human beings.”

- Robert Zend