I Did It! I Finally Gave a Speech!

Post date: Jan 7, 2011 4:34:12 AM

I am here writing to you as a person who has given a talk about my life story, at least a part of it! I didn't get paid, I didn't get any accolades, I even had to record it on my cell phone from my seat but I am very happy it happened. Why? Because this is a start! It is a start to something I have talked about and wanted to do for quite a while now. I am talking to people about something that happened to me and leaving them with another perspective on their own lives. I am not sure about the impact of my little talk. I am positive I didn't change the world or cure hunger, all I did is start on one of my greatest goals. For me, this was a huge day. I thank anyone who was there at the Voyagers Toastmasters meeting in San Diego today, I appreciate your warmth, encouragement, and feedback. I look forward to the realization of my goal, to really make a difference in the world and take care of my family in doing so. Here is a copy of the speech, audio only. It is tough to hear at times, please try to fight through it and let me know what you think by commenting! Thanks all 3 people that visit my site for your support!

PS it is attached here, you have to download it because I can't figure out how to embed the stinkin' thing in the site!