You Ever Wonder if You Bit Off Too Much???

Post date: Jan 23, 2013 6:34:35 AM

Well, right now I do. I wonder how much will be too much, and how do I know when I have reached that point? (really more of a statement). Right now, I am in the middle of a HUGE implementation at work. I am responsible for having my company go in a direction that is a big change to the business model and as a reward...I have been elevated to a position of authority to manage the new project. Man, what an honor (smiling, I say this thinking of all the work I have created for myself). It is now time, time to really be pressed by demands of family, work, and self all at the same time. I am starting to get really charged up and say to myself, "Self, we really did it!!! This is great!!" And at the same time, there is the nagging in the background, asking if I can really do it. The answer; who knows!!! Not a great and profound thing to say right now is it? Well, it is the truth. Nobody really knows, even if they say they do. What I do know is I am giving all I can to all I do. When it looks its bleakest, that is when I will reach down into my figurative tank violently swishing my hand back and forth like you do when you can't see what you are trying to get. It is then I will feel my hand strike something so powerful it will snap me back to immediate attention and I will stand up, triumphantly screaming "let's go!!!". What is it I finally grabbed that energized me so much??? Simple, the knowledge that none of any of what I am doing means anything...that, really, it is made up. I can then take a deep breath and think about what is really important to me, things like family, honor, love, and the way the world looks at sunrise when I am walking my dog on a brisk spring is at this time I can clear myself of all the noise of deadlines and stress that overpower my real purpose. It is at this time I can re-focus and re-center myself and impact the issues that are the underlying cause of my "stress". We might lose some properties, some things might not get done when they need to be done....nobody is going to die because of it. Instead of frantically running around complaining about lack of time and amounts of deadlines I will take meaningful, impactful actions and have it all work out with ease; maybe not how I wanted it to work out....and it will work out nonetheless. I had to write this because I just experienced what I described here....and needed to decompress about it. I have things like Leslie, Brooklyn, and Hudson to remind me about what is truly important, and really urgent in my life. I love you all!!!!!