Post date: Sep 2, 2013 4:37:48 AM

I have been thinking a lot about legacy. The kind of legacy one leaves when they are gone. It is an interesting conversation, if you really think about it. Why would something like legacy matter to anyone? Life is interesting: you are not here, then you are here, and finally you are not here again. Many people can debate whether there is an afterlife, and what happens or doesn't happen to you in that afterlife. I don't get involved, one thing everyone can agree on, is when you die, you are not here anymore in the form you were once had. You are no longer yourself, in your form as a human, on this earth. With this being said, why would someone be worried about what happens past the time they are here? Why would they be concerned for anyone else but themselves while they ARE here? I have come to the conclusion there is no answer, or at least, I don't have one that works for me.

I am currently at a point where I am questioning some of what I am doing in my work life. There are things I do which I don't think are necessary and are counterproductive to making the world a better place...something I have said I am committed to. There are times where a crisis of conscience really have been overwhelming. It really comes down to what I have said I am. Freedom, Courage, Love, Empowerment. I desire esteem, from myself...in order to achieve esteem from myself, I must do what I consider to be esteem-able acts.

My reflection on and journey into the world of what it means to be here, on Earth, has resulted in me being less guided by my implanted desires, less driven by my worldly accepted practices of property and prestige acquisition. My motives are seeming to be more driven by contribution, self-acceptance, and inner well-being. My desires are slanting away from my current pursuits and leaning instead into a pursuit of something that would allow me more time with the ones I love and less time driving toward something else, both literally and figuratively.