Reality? We don’t need no stinkin’ Reality!!!

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 8:26:31 AM

I just watched some pretty crazy videos! They were from a gentleman named Peter Russell. He is a Quantum Physics guy as far as I can tell. Really neat stuff, it is a series of 7 videos; I will give you the links later in this post so you can check them out if you like. He basically says in the videos we create all of our world through Consciousness. It is explained through physics and science but he also says science doesn’t really deal with this question directly. I have often wondered to myself how my sense of being, the ” I am” feeling I have is generated. Does it come from a certain mixture of bio-chemicals, neurotransmitters, or synapses? It seems to me that those things independent of one another do not have Consciousness.

I have also wondered how I can be absolutely sure beyond a possible doubt I am seeing the same exact thing someone next to me is seeing. For example, a blue screen of death on a computer; is it the same exact shade of blue to everyone? Does that make it real? If someone who is colorblind looks at it, what does she/he see? Because it is different to at least one person who is colorblind; does it become somehow not real? Then we get into what is real anyways? Before I go into all of that… is a really cool video on the net I found. Check it out! Really fun, and thought provoking. If reality is something we see; does this alter reality? If you see the ads at the bottom, turn them off then make the video full screen.

Wow!!! Pretty cool huh!!! Now what is real???? Did you just alter reality?

I think a great takeaway from this stuff, even if you don’t believe one bit of it is that you really do control a great part of your life. “I am responsible for my reaction to everything” is a great place to start. Responsibility is a wonderful thing, it seriously limits how many “bad days” you can have…..remember, this is life! NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE!!!!

Here are the links…

The Primacy of Consciousness

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Thanks Cameron for the links!