Ha! “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans”

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 8:21:05 AM

That is a quote by John Lennon, it is apropo right now due to my situation. I am now un-employed. I am not too scared about it, after all I created this for myself. I want to thank all of the people at Imeriti where I worked for almost a year. They showed me I am not cut out for a desk job; not that there is anything wrong with people who are, it is not for me. I have a need for freedom that is undeniable, it demands to be acknowledged. I learned so much about the financial services industry from an insurance standpoint I am forever grateful for that knowledge.

It is now time for me to begin on a path I have always wanted to travel. I think I have a great message, one that is needed in the world. I have been silent for long enough, the time is now and I am answering the call. I am here, for everyone to know that I am a speaker, motivator, and coach. Some may say, what!!!?? Coach, speaker, motivator? How can you speak about anything without being wildly successful? I can speak about my failures, how I learned from them, and what to do to avoid my pitfalls. I have a lot of life experience and things I deal with on a daily basis others can use to their advantage.

The reason I can be a coach is I am not you. Most of the time, the people that need coaching are aware of what they need to do; they even have a plan. It is in the execution they fall short. For many, accountability is what is missing that would make a difference for the person. I can provide accountability and another set of eyes as it were, to look at the situation from an objective standpoint and offer another perspective. All of this leads to openings for action that were maybe not seen before; it is most difficult to see ways out of a situation when you are the one in it. Anyways, I am here and not going anywhere…..please contact me or leave a comment. You will now start to see more messages from me on this blog about what is going on with me and how you can take something from it to add to your life. I love you all! Make your own good luck!

I will close with this quote, I found this the other day and it is now my email signature:

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

-George Eliot