Theoretical Physics - Huh?

posted May 1, 2015, 10:52 PM by Daniel Pate

I have done a little, well, more than just a little delving into the world of physics from both an empirical and a theoretical perspective.  I have come to the conclusion we are not really meant to know; know what?  Know, for sure THE true and real nature of everything.  One major issue the physics world deals with is the true lack of a "unifying theory".  Einstein's theory of relativity works well for very large objects, however when applied to small particle level objects the theory falls apart.  This is at the point where another major name in Physics takes over, Bohr.  Niels Bohr, essentially is the father of quantum mechanics and quantum theory as we know it.  Quantum theory deals with the world on a much, much smaller level.  A level at which the "normal" laws of physics cease to have any governance over the actions of matter and/or energy.  The seemingly only theory able to unify the large world with the small is String Theory, and this is imperfect at best...and complete conjecture at worst.  

Here is my take on it, really.  We as human beings are much too limited to really see any great cosmic truth of the uni, or multiverse.  Limitations we cannot even perceive will lead us into the pit of confirmation bias blind despair.  As participants in the universe, we are not able to fully understand that which we are surrounded by, and even comprised of!  Any theory regarding the origin, direction, governance, or demise of our fishbowl will be fraught with the short-sightedness of our own inescapability of that which we would attempt to define.  From gravity, to relativity and proceeding into Quantum menagerie we have been willful victims succumbing to the pursuit of the unattainable resolution---infinite comprehension.  Finite beings as we are, we struggle to fill the ever-widening gap between what we seek, and what we know; or think we know to be true.  At every step we are met with confirmation bias in theory's clothing, causing momentary elation to again erode into hapless speculation.  

Alas, it is not for me to determine the worthiness of another's pursuit, therefore I only submit my pontifications into the ether.  For I and my grand opinions, like every single thing any of us has ever known will eventually become merely detritus of a world we were never meant to grasp.  

An Ode to Parents...especially the single ones

posted Apr 24, 2015, 10:06 PM by Daniel Pate

For the last month, I have been a single parent of two kids with no relief and no breaks. I know, big many people do this every day, for years with no real recognition; thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions...maybe.  I am in such awe of you and your commitment to life.  Seriously, my wife has been in another city for only a Month now and I am crazzled beyond belief.  Trying to juggle work, home, kids, and life in general has been humbling.  It is done out of love and with such affection for my children, and this sometimes barely kept me together.  Again, I have to say on behalf of the rest of the world that will never know what you deal with, all of the single parents out there, scraping by or soaring amongst upper middle class, thank you.  From the children who may never tell you only because they don't get it either...thank you.  YOU are appreciated, by everyone.  

I Was Just Thinking About...the Retina

posted Apr 20, 2015, 9:51 PM by Daniel Pate

If everyone on Earth has a different retina, just like a fingerprint, no two are the same; then by default, no two people see the world in exactly the same way.  This may seem like not a very big deal, or perhaps for you, like me, it was a HUGE deal.  I have often thought about the way the world works in general and more specifically how the world works with regards to how humans treat each other.  The things that happen to humans at the hands of other humans is sometimes baffling.  All too often it seems, people are very quick to judge others' actions by their own standards and guidelines.  This shuts the judge-ers off to new information that could have an impact on their view of not just the people they intend to judge but the entire world itself.  Once a person "knows" how someone is, or isn't; how they do this or don't do that, all ability to see the subject in another way is lost.  It's as if the viewer has placed on the welding helmet of knowledge, its glass so dark even the light of the sun is obscured.  You'll notice I didn't say glasses, or perhaps blinders.  No, it is in fact just like a welding helmet; it can only be removed by the wearer and nothing gets through.  I implore the Earth to pause, prior to sitting in judgment of others.  Take one deep breath before pulling the shield over your eyes...and remember, it is a scientific fact no two people see the world in exactly the same way.  

AMAZING Insight With Regards To People

posted Oct 10, 2014, 4:33 PM by Daniel Pate   [ updated Jan 24, 2015, 10:11 PM ]

How true is this!!!

I've learned that people will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget how you made them feel.

--Maya Angelou

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On!!!

posted Sep 1, 2014, 9:09 PM by Daniel Pate

This is an excerpt from an email to my Mom about the recent Napa Earthquake.  (I now live about 25 miles from there!!!).  Enjoy!  

-- It was pretty scary at first, it was a violent shaking at first and then it was a being on a boat that was moving around....only it was more like the boat was swaying on a horizontal axis rather than vertical. Not sure if that makes sense. Like a rocking chair laid on its side and rocking. I woke up first and it must have been instinct, I yelled "earthquake"!!!  And ran toward Hudson's room with Leslie following close behind. We opened his door and looked inside, he was fine and nothing was moving that bad in his room. Les and I just sat on the floor in the hallway waiting for the shaking to stop and then subsequently the swaying too. As soon as the worst was over we looked again at Hudson and saw he had slept through the whole thing!  
It was then we closed his door as quietly as possible and I started downstairs to check on Brooklyn. As soon as we closed Hudson's door, we could hear it rattling like there was a very strong draft running through the house, struggling to pass through the closed door and thus making it shake back and forth with a rattling sound. Only, there was no draft, no wind, and no window open. The quake was still moving the house, only not as bad must have been some residual energy.  Sensing it was most likely over, I went down to see Brooklyn, who sleeps on the 1st floor while Hudson, Leslie, and I are on the 3rd.  When I stepped into the attached garage to get to Brooklyn's door, I was not sure what I would see around the corner.  We have boxes and racks, and boxes on racks completely covering both long walls of the tandem garage. I was half waiting to find our garage almost impassible making me hop on piles of cardboard, metal, and junk to get to her door. Surprisingly, everything was fine!  Nothing moved at all. It was baffling; I noticed the bowl of dog water that was full when I tucked her in now had only half left inside. The rest of the water was splashed all around the bowl. The splashing has an odd shape to it, most of the wet concrete below the bowl was on the North and South side, in a rectangular shape around the bowl. It wasn't at all circular like I might have expected.  When I opened Brooklyn's door, the dogs were already at attention and barked loudly. Murphy has jumped up on BK's bed and Rufus was cowering in a corner, opposite of where they usually sleep. I was relieved to see nothing disturbed, including Brooklyn. She had managed to sleep through not only the earthquake, but the dogs barking too!  When I saw she was still asleep and nothing had shifted, I went back upstairs to see what would pop up on the USGS site

Thought This Was Pretty Cool....

posted Nov 28, 2013, 11:27 AM by Daniel Pate   [ updated Oct 29, 2014, 5:28 PM ]

This is from a site .  They have a connection to Shawn Achor, the Positive Psychology guy.  LOVE IT!!!


posted Sep 1, 2013, 9:37 PM by Daniel Pate   [ updated Nov 2, 2013, 12:28 PM ]

I have been thinking a lot about legacy.  The kind of legacy one leaves when they are gone.  It is an interesting conversation, if you really think about it.  Why would something like legacy matter to anyone?  Life is interesting: you are not here, then you are here, and finally you are not here again.  Many people can debate whether there is an afterlife, and what happens or doesn't happen to you in that afterlife.  I don't get involved, one thing everyone can agree on, is when you die, you are not here anymore in the form you were once had.  You are no longer yourself, in your form as a human, on this earth.  With this being said, why would someone be worried about what happens past the time they are here?  Why would they be concerned for anyone else but themselves while they ARE here?  I have come to the conclusion there is no answer, or at least, I don't have one that works for me.  
I am currently at a point where I am questioning some of what I am doing in my work life.  There are things I do which I don't think are necessary and are counterproductive to making the world a better place...something I have said I am committed to.  There are times where a crisis of conscience really have been overwhelming.  It really comes down to what I have said I am.  Freedom, Courage, Love, Empowerment.  I desire esteem, from order to achieve esteem from myself, I must do what I consider to be esteem-able acts.  
My reflection on and journey into the world of what it means to be here, on Earth, has resulted in me being less guided by my implanted desires, less driven by my worldly accepted practices of property and prestige acquisition.  My motives are seeming to be more driven by contribution, self-acceptance, and inner well-being.  My desires are slanting away from my current pursuits and leaning instead into a pursuit of something that would allow me more time with the ones I love and less time driving toward something else, both literally and figuratively.  

Well, Another Birthday Down...

posted Aug 8, 2013, 8:01 AM by Daniel Pate

Here we are, another year in the books...from my perspective at least.  I am really at a crossroads now, as I usually am. Not some huge, life-changing decision point, don't worry.  Really, every day you wake up can be a point of great and significant choices that must be made, and it doesn't have to be significant at all.  It is sometimes difficult to manage how much significance I put on the choices I face in life.  
I think the one that haunts me the most is which freeway to take into the office.  I tell you, I have vacillated between two or three freeways ever since we moved into offices.  I'm sure this might seem humorous to some people reading this, and it might be, AND this is a huge choice!  Believe it or not, this choice might have a greater impact on my experience of life than hundreds of others I make on a minute by minute basis.  The moral of the story is, I choose not only the choice but also how much the choice impacts my life.  The "significance" or "weight" of any choice is up to me; as long as I remember this fact I am doing well.  No more agonizing over what to do and most of all not agonizing over what I have already done!!!!  Freedom, this is what I look for in life...and it is up to me to live it.  

Why Me? Why Not Me? Why At All?

posted Mar 21, 2013, 9:51 PM by Daniel Pate   [ updated Mar 21, 2013, 10:04 PM ]

Recently, I am driven to ask myself about the title of this post.  My drive comes from my Cousin, he has a Brain Tumor as well.  His is most likely a different type than mine, and definitely in a different area of the brain.  I just learned from Family my Cousin's tumor is actively growing again.  He has had some time where nothing was really happening with it, after some pill form chemo it seemed under control; everyone was happy about it.  To make a short story long and winded, we are no longer really happy about his seems things, for now, have taken an unwanted turn.  I am left with the question of "why not me? why him?", and I am not arriving at an answer.  It seems to me the question of why is one better left to God Himself, not to be really known by us.  When we start getting into a "why" scenario, the laws of unintended consequences start to really take hold.  When a cause is sought by Humans to mitigate against an effect possibly recurring, things get sketchy.  I am not saying don't try to predict the weather so we can be safe and avoid natural disasters...I am saying don't wonder why something happens to someone or why it doesn't happen to someone else.  As soon as we spend time in the whys of the situation that perplexes us, we miss out on being able to influence the actualities of the now occurring world.  I am not going to wonder why me, or not me, or why him; I am instead going to keep on living, as I think he would want me to do....loving, sharing, experiencing things for as long as I can.  Perhaps even after he can't anymore...he will know I love him, and wish him the best...and that is "why" I am going to not have to ask 

You Ever Wonder if You Bit Off Too Much???

posted Jan 22, 2013, 10:34 PM by Daniel Pate

Well, right now I do.  I wonder how much will be too much, and how do I know when I have reached that point?  (really more of a statement).  Right now, I am in the middle of a HUGE implementation at work.  I am responsible for having my company go in a direction that is a big change to the business model and as a reward...I have been elevated to a position of authority to manage the new project.  Man, what an honor (smiling, I say this thinking of all the work I have created for myself).  It is now time, time to really be pressed by demands of family, work, and self all at the same time.  I am starting to get really charged up and say to myself, "Self, we really did it!!!  This is great!!"  And at the same time, there is the nagging in the background, asking if I can really do it.  The answer; who knows!!!  Not a great and profound thing to say right now is it?   Well, it is the truth.  Nobody really knows, even if they say they do.  What I do know is I am giving all I can to all I do.  When it looks its bleakest, that is when I will reach down into my figurative tank violently swishing my hand back and forth like you do when you can't see what you are trying to get.  It is then I will feel  my hand strike something so powerful it will snap me back to immediate attention and I will stand up, triumphantly screaming "let's go!!!".  What is it I finally grabbed that energized me so much???  Simple, the knowledge that none of any of what I am doing means anything...that, really, it is made up.  I can then take a deep breath and think about what is really important to me, things like family, honor, love, and the way the world looks at sunrise when I am walking my dog on a brisk spring is at this time I can clear myself of all the noise of deadlines and stress that overpower my real purpose.  It is at this time I can re-focus and re-center myself and impact the issues that are the underlying cause of my "stress".  We might lose some properties, some things might not get done when they need to be done....nobody is going to die because of it.  Instead of frantically running around complaining about lack of time and amounts of deadlines I will take meaningful, impactful actions and have it all work out with ease; maybe not how I wanted it to work out....and it will work out nonetheless.  I had to write this because I just experienced what I described here....and needed to decompress about it.  I have things like Leslie, Brooklyn, and Hudson to remind me about what is truly important, and really urgent in my life.  I love you all!!!!!

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